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Early harvest for a year that promises great wines

An early start. We began harvesting our vineyards almost two weeks ahead of time.  


On 21 August, we were already among the rows of vines to pick the Chardonnay grapes, followed by the Muscat, and now the Dolcetto and Barbera.  This unusual situation is the result of various factors. A warm March, which had led the grapes to vegetate very early, then April’s frost, which affected only marginal rows in the valley floor areas. And finally, a sweltering August, with very little rain, except towards the beginning of September.  However, the vines’ deep roots, able to reach the underground water, meant they withstood the stress extremely well.


In general, we will harvest somewhat fewer grapes, but of incredible quality. Tastings and the first musts reveal a high sugar content wine with a concentrated colour. Everything leads us to envisage powerful, long-lived, full-bodied wines with good structure. 



We will shortly begin harvesting Nebbiolo for Barolo and Barbaresco, the crowning glories of our production. The healthiness and optimal ripening of the grapes give us to believe that it will be an excellent year also for these wines.